About ...

Trahenna is run by Paul Mellon, a broadcast television cameraman with over 23 years experience in the industry. Working with a trusted group of suppliers, we provide top quality video production services to businesses, non-profit/charitable organisations and individuals.

Our Approach

We passionately believe that video is unrivalled in its ability to get your message across. It is cost effective, easily updateable, and capable of reaching a diverse audience - locally and globally.

Our background in broadcast television sets the quality standard we work to. We like to work with you from the initial concept stages. We help identify your needs, bearing your audience in mind, and ensure that we provide an end product which is engaging and highly effective in its purpose. We script, film, direct, interview, produce and edit within agreed timescales and budgets.


Client Quote

I think the videos are simply superb and concisely convey the spirit of the event. Well done.

John Sheldon, Secretary, Scottish Bluegrass Association